Advocacy Process

Parents/Guardians coming to us have already received a lot of advice, information, and opinions on how to navigate the educational realm for their child. It can be incredibly overwhelming and exhausting. AdvocacyNJ strives to provide a safe place to join you on your journey, wherever you are, and find the resources you are seeking.

Each story is different, so our journey may look different depending on the child’s needs. This means, that the support that AdvocacyNJ provides varies in it’s range of advocacy services.

If you are ready to start the process, please fill out our Initial Intake Form which will take 20-30 minutes and collect important information to get started.

Our Advocacy Coordinator will schedule an initial phone call with you to discuss your child and the current situation. This will also allow you to ask any questions related to our organization and processes. During that call, you will have the option to book a 1 hour video conference consultation with an advocate. This consultation will be billed at the advocate’s hourly rate. If you choose to move forward after the 1 hour consultation, we will need the following:

– contract

– paid retainer

– exchange of information form (if other professionals are to be consulted)

Once the administrative paperwork is received and the entire educational file, medical evaluations, and any other applicable records are received- an initial record review will be completed by AdvocacyNJ.

AdvocacyNJ will then provide feedback and set up a time to meet the child.

A plan will be made collaboratively to advocate on the child’s behalf at this point.

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